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The palliative Care at Marangu Lutheran hospital began in2006 with one Nurse who begun to lay the frame work of the programe. Up to this time we have Four 940 full time staff in the programe who are One nurse, one social worker, one driver and a part time secretary; with 54 trained volunteers from 24 congregations.The hospital Doctors do their work by rotating from time to time. The nearby congregation is responsible for the spiritual care.As home based care was provided, the Palliative Care staff discovered that there was a  alarge population of chronically ill individuals as as Vulnerable children who could not travel to Marangu Lutheran Hospital due to their medical and  or financial situation.

Palliative Care with the help of the grants financial backing began  to extend care to this chronically ill population. Palliative Care continued to expand currently provides care  for terminally ill patients, those with HIV/AIDS and Cancer , Chronically ill patients, those with Paralysis, diabetes, Hypertensive patients, Chronic Rheumatism, mental  retardation and Asthma.Palliative care has expanded to provide minimal assistance for the most vulnerable children living in difficult situations.


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